Office Space in Buckhead

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Buckhead Office Space Options

  • Office space for lease in Buckhead. Landlords offering office space for lease often list their offices on platforms only available to commercial real estate agents. Rely on us to find every space available including short term, long term, and office space of any size. Checkout our five tips for negotiating a great deal on a commercial office space lease.
  • Subleasing office space. Finding a sublease office space in Buckhead can be a great alternative for some businesses. Knowing when a sublease is a good fit and knowing how to locate a sublease office is critical to getting the best deal possible.
  • Office buildings or office condos for sale in Buckhead. Buying an office building or office condo in Buckhead can be a great investment. Having knowledge of the market, access to available inventory and a professional to negotiate the deal is key. Checkout our tips on buying an office building or office condo.

Buckhead Area Overview

Buckhead is an affluent neighborhood and represents one of the largest shopping hubs in the South. This wealthy community serves as a fundamental resource to the Atlanta business community. There are roughly 200 buildings in Buckhead over 10,000 square feet and the community has more than 50 high-rise office buildings. If you are looking for an updated, modern office space, Buckhead is the right space for you.

Many of the buildings are new which makes a drive through the area strikingly visually appealing. There is over 29,000,000 square feet of office space in Buckhead with a very high occupancy rate. We can help your business locate office space for lease in Buckhead. Fill out the find your office now form to get started.

  • Buckhead is easily accessible from multiple Metro Atlanta areas. You will have a very large pool of potential employees to choose from.
  • Customers and vendors can also easily access Buckhead.
  • Customers and vendors can also easily access Buckhead. Buckhead is an impressive area and locating in Buckhead will certainly add a positive image to your business.
  • Peachtree Offices at Buckhead provides flexible and affordable office space for rent in Buckhead.
  • Buckhead is a very affluent community with great restaurants, hotels, and shopping. The residential real estate in Buckhead can be quite expensive. Fortunately, Buckhead is conveniently located so that employees who cannot afford to live in Buckhead can drive in from surrounding areas. MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) serves Buckhead. There are also car pooling options that serve Buckhead. For those that can afford to live in Buckhead, it offers great schools, luxurious homes, and rolling hills.
  • Tax incentives can vary from year to year. Buckhead is located in Fulton County. To learn more about potential tax incentives in Buckhead or obtaining a business license contact
  • Shared office space in Buckhead can be a great fit for businesses that need less than 1500sq.ft. of space.