Metro Atlanta Spec Suites

Spec suites are a great option for tenants that need to move into a space immediately and the number of landlords adding spec suites in Metro Atlanta is rising sharply. Spec Suites are office spaces typically ranging from 1000 S/F to 3000 S/F already furnished and ready-to-go. Just about every landlord we talk to is in the process of adding them to their buildings. This trend is largely related to concern from landlords that they face more competition from other landlords that are doing the same thing, competition from shared office space providers and access to capital at historically low interest rates. The typical minimum lease term for a spec suite is three years but a one-year term is not outside the realm of possibility. Julie Gudger, our licensed broker with 20 years’ experience provides you with the spaces & helps you get a great deal. Our service is free!

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Spec Suite Amenities in Atlanta

Spec suites usually include amenities such as fully furnished office space, kitchen with breakroom, meeting rooms, open workspace, and a reception area. Most of the spec suites being built in Metro Atlanta are elegant and modern with high-end finishes, furnishings and lighting.

Spec Suite Leasing Benefits in Atlanta

  • As mentioned, spec suites are ready-to-go. If your business has good credit and the funds for the security deposit it could be possible to find a spec suite, negotiate a lease and move in within a few weeks.
  • The amount of security required by the landlord is usually less than if the tenant were to lease a space in the building where build out and tenant improvements were required.
  • With a spec suite you can see the space immediately vs. rendering and drawings which are the norm for unfinished spaces.
  • In the event your company outgrows the spec suite it is possible that a larger space is available in the building.
  • In the event your company no longer needs the space the lease term for a spec suite is much less than a space where buildout was required.
  • The landlord spends more per S/F building the spec suite than they would for a custom buildout. The reason is the landlord is confident they can lease the spec suite but may not be confident they could lease a space that the tenant designed specifically for their needs.
  • The spec suites are typically designed by very talented architects with knowledge of current workspace trends. Therefore, the spec suites are generally more aesthetically pleasing and higher quality than a tenant designed buildout.

Spec Suite Leasing Disadvantages

  • If the landlord can lease the spec suite at market rate, they will be less likely to negotiate on the rent.
  • If your company has special requirements for office space the landlord will not be interested in making major alternations to the spec suite.
  • If you really like to personalize everything in your office space such as flooring or lighting that will not be possible.

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