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Some of the most pleasing features about Marietta are its traditional Southern charm, hospitality, and history. Add to that a flourishing business atmosphere of industry and commerce, and you have one of the most desirable locations in all of Metro Atlanta. Described by The Wall Street Journal as “the intersection of great economic, social, and geographic changes”, Marietta has a strong commercial groundwork with over one hundred Fortune 500 companies, a continually expanding WellStar Health System, multiple community transportation improvements, and is home to Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems. can help your business locate office space for lease in Marietta. Start today by completing the find your office now form.

Marietta Office Space Options

  • Office space for lease in Marietta. An all-inclusive search for office space requires access to listing services most people do not have access to. We use these tools in our search for office space for lease or rent in Marietta. Our team can assist with small or large office space requirements. Lastly, we can help you find short or long term office space.

  • Sublease office space in Marietta. We have specialists in finding sublease office space in Marietta. A sublease can be a great choice for some businesses. Knowing when a sublease is a good fit and knowing how to locate sublease office space in Marietta is vitally important.

  • Office buildings for sale in Marietta. Buying an office building in Marietta can be a great endeavor. Knowledge of the Marietta office building market, access to available office building inventory, and a professional to consult with is essential. 

​Factors to Consider When Locating a Business in Marietta

  • Marietta, located in central Cobb County, is only 18 miles NW of Downtown Atlanta.

  • There is still affordable residential real estate in Marietta. This charming city has abundant historic and cultural resources. This, in addition to Marietta’s location in Georgia’s third largest county with over 700,000 residents, can positively make an extraordinary reflection of your business.

  • Tax incentives alter over time. To learn more about potential tax incentives in Marietta or obtaining a business license contact

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